Tuesday, May 01, 2007

doggie, day 1


picked up unnamed doggie from ahanm.

went crazy at petsmart. bought a kong - which unnamed doggie won't play with. and a fuzzy toy - which unnamed doggie also won't play with.

came home and rested.

packed up in car and went off to tech rehearsal for the tempest. unnamed doggie has been so sweet with me that i knew she'd be okay with the kids. i did worry that the "lightening" and "thunder" might freak her out. much to my elation, unnamed doggie layed quietly at my feet stage left - while i did some preliminary stage managing - and watched the play with fascination and intent. not a word.

come to think of it... not a word, period. no sound out of unnamed doggie. nothing.

the cats are not amused. elsinore didn't think we needed a cat; she definitely thinks we don't need a dog. dame maggie is put off by all the fuss and is wedged under my bed. unnamed doggie is scared to death of elsinore. seems that you can be the alpha bitch even if you're not a dog.

everyone settled in to sleep around 11pm watching a fairly interesting american experience on the mormons - elsinore on my head on the pillow, unnamed doggie next to the bed and maggie sacked out under the bed with an eye on unnamed doggie.

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