Monday, April 30, 2007

and they call it puppy love

well, it's been a busy morning for me and this nameless girl.

she is an 8 month old medium breed mutt from albuquerque humane association of new mexico where she was given a name i'm not fond of. so now, as we are getting to know one another we are testing out some names.

any name suggestions are welcome. we are toying with sadie, sofie and rory at present.

see... she's smiling at you. a smiling dog surely deserves a good name.

it's hard work being adopted into a new family. naps are requisite.

thanking you in advance,
b & (?)

1 comment:

Scott said...

First of all - that is a wicked cute puppy (I just came back from Boston). Sofie is a good one (my favorite of yours listed, but here are some other name suggestions:
Scout - very close to Scott...hehe...Scotty would be too obvious
Rococo - musical term for something excessive or trivial - elsinore and dame maggie might agree with this
Presto, Tutti, or Vivace - other music terms
Dante or Camus - from the english classes
I'll keep thinking.