Monday, August 28, 2006

unearned confidence

after my two - count 'em two - felting victories, i decided i was a knitting pro and moved on to a fairly difficult pattern. while the result is a gorgeous little handbag, alas, it isn't sound enough to take out of the house.


purse front


purse back

felting 102

having followed directions pretty darn well with the felted tea cozy, i decided to take on some really cute slippers. boy, i had no idea why i was doing what i was doing in regards to the pattern. but, sure enough...

before felting:

slippers - before

after felting:

slippers - after

felting 101

this is my first foray into knitted felting - truthfully, this is also my first foray into following a knitting pattern. that is, knitting with wool on large needles, then washing it in hot water to shrink it and create a felt fabric item. the yarn for this came from frogging an wrap i hated knitted in my all time favorite wool. (the colors remind me of the ocean.) and will probably be making a number of things out of this wool.

before felting:

tea cozy - before

after felting:

tea cozy - after

ikea plus

i bought this great cd holder at ikea, but knew that unfinished wood would drive me batty. i can't tell you how much i enjoyed doing these a few years ago. now, if i could just organize the cds within.

decoupage, woot!