Tuesday, May 08, 2007


tomorrow i have surgery to remove two of the six screws from my franken-ankle. unfortunately, it is only local anesthetic and a sedative. when i saw the doctor two weeks ago, he let me know that the screws are coming out of soft-tissue as well as bone, ergo i will still be able to feel the procedure. what?! no no no. poop! i'll let ya'll know what it feels like.


Anonymous said...

i'm guessing it felt like "ohmygodwhatthefuckcutitoutyousadisticbastardsheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeittttttt!!!!"

Cheryl Lucero said...

Holy shit, woman! I found you and know what you've been up to--or down on! That's a wicked injury and I hope your surgery went well. I miss seeing you at SnB and laughing about life. Take care; you're in my thoughts.