Wednesday, November 29, 2006

it's official

it is now christmas-time. my tree is up, it's snowing, my birthday is only a coupla weeks away and i'm partaking in the annual watching of 'white christmas.' i cannot tell you how big a crush i have on danny kaye.

this afternoon i'm off to find a copy of 'love actually' to purchase - about the only other christmas movie i am driven to watch each year.

tra la la.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

tra la la!

i've been remiss in not posting a big fat 'thank you' to my secret pal.

i was at a conference last week and didn't return home until wednesday afternoon. while i was gone, my parents had moved into my house because my mom was scheduled for a handful of major surgeries. the tuesday i was gone she went under the knife and the day i got back from conference, dad and i began running around taking care of mom and other business. and we've only now slowed down.

when we finally came home wednesday night to sleep, i discovered that a box had arrived in my absence. oh, the joy! a box to open! something to enjoy in the midst of chaos! fun fun fun!! included in the box were:

1. lovely lovely pirouline-esque, dark chocolate filled and dipped 'nestle's crunch' deliciousness. (not pictured as i gobbled it up immediately.)

2. flying star farms plum chopotle jelly. i can't wait to try this on chicken or pork chops. num num num!

3. the cutest vintage kellog's note card set. it'll be fun to send friends written notes - mostly because, who expects to find a letter in the mailbox these days?

4. a rocking ikea ice tray that makes cubes to fit in water bottles. let's see... i live in the desert and i have two high-energy jobs, what do i need? cold bottled water!! oh, yeah!

5. two balls of black cotton yarn and two skeins of white tencel wool yarn. nice light yarns for use in the - everybody now - desert!

thanks so much sp9. i needed a pick me up and you certainly filled the bill. i hope you receive(d) extraordinary goodies from your sp9 in the spirit of good karma!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006


i just got back from the annual international conference for association of bridal consultants at the broadmoor in colorado springs. man, alive! what an amazing experience!! my mind is absolutely reeling from all the information. i'm going to have to sit down with all my notes and hand-outs this weekend or i'm afraid i will lose the info forever.

one of the highlights was the presentation by and booksigning with this piece of man-candy:

oh... so freaking beautiful

the incomparable preston bailey!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

done. and done.

i voted. i'm very proud of me as i am not the most disciplined voter. yay, me! however, there is one thing i need to say:


which bureaucratic mental giant decided it would be simpler or better to have an entire state vote on ballots that look like an sat exam? isn't this anti-evolution? argh!! i want my ballot machine's back. they make me feel like a super hero.