Saturday, May 05, 2007

doggie, day 6

first things first: unnamed doggie has been divined the name 'sadie.' she looks like a sadie and it's got the beatles seal of approval, as it were. so... ladles and jellyspoons, i give you sadie:

sadie has mastered 'sit.' but for some reason the concept that you potty outside seems to have gone right over her head. thankfully, i own rugs, not carpeting. as soon as this 'wicked-cute' (thanks, scott) baby has mastered potty-training, the rugs go to the rug-cleaner for a serious disinfecting.

things are still pretty quiet around here, sadie-wise. she barked once yesterday. just once. 'bark.' that was it. but the bark came when someone passed too close to the house, which is encouraging. i love my neighborhood, but in recent months there has been a good deal of violent crime 4 blocks this way or 5 blocks that way. good to know that sadie is beginning to feel territorial.

unfortunately, she has developed a pretty ocky case of kennel cough. this morning, she won't come inside. it's cooler outside, maybe that's why. i can't get her to eat, which is tremendously inconvenient as i've been stashing her antibiotics in her food. it's heart-breaking to see such a joyful dog under the weather.

on the upside, her lethargy is giving the cats an opportunity to approach the baby-dog without her giving chase. this has resulted in the re-appearance of dame maggie which is wonderful because i've missed her something fierce these past number of days.

so, yeah... the clark family zoo is calming down and almost ready for visitors.

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