Monday, April 30, 2007

and they call it puppy love

well, it's been a busy morning for me and this nameless girl.

she is an 8 month old medium breed mutt from albuquerque humane association of new mexico where she was given a name i'm not fond of. so now, as we are getting to know one another we are testing out some names.

any name suggestions are welcome. we are toying with sadie, sofie and rory at present.

see... she's smiling at you. a smiling dog surely deserves a good name.

it's hard work being adopted into a new family. naps are requisite.

thanking you in advance,
b & (?)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

aw, squish

feeling the need to mitigate the quasi-existential ramblings of last night. with a picture of... dame maggie. everybody now... awwwwwww.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

brain spew

okay, so... typically the songs playing in my head are whatever i've most recently heard on the radio or a hook from a catchy commercial.

but for the past coupla weeks my earworms have been sondheim. not nice lyrical musicals like 'sound of music' or 'grease.' nope. stephen sondheim. complex music. symbolic lyrics. obsessive characters. always obsessive characters.

and i'm wandering around the house humming:

he's a very smart prince
he's a prince who prepares
knowing this time i'd run from him
he spread pitch on the stairs
i was caught unawares
and i thought, well, he cares


some say happiness
comes and goes
then this happiness
is a kind of happiness
no one really knows
i'd only heard what love was
i thought it was what kindness became
i thought where there was love there was shame

i sometimes think that what pops out of the subconscious in quiet moments speaks volumes about what is on one's mind. in which case, i'm learning volumes about what may be causing the restlessness i've been suffering the past few weeks.

Friday, April 06, 2007

ever the optimist

i began walking on my moon-boot on wednesday. my list of things to do as soon as i was back on my feet:

trim back the plants in the front yard
plant veggies in the garden
re-organize the now dad-organized kitchen
organize my craft closet
cook for myself
attend to an nm wedding professionals luncheon meeting


hubris or hybris (greek ὕβρις), according to its modern usage, is exaggerated self pride or self-confidence, often resulting in fatal retribution.

i'm a hobby knitter...

this is a SERIOUS KNITTER!! i can't imagine ever loving a hobby or a hometown this much. thankfully.