Wednesday, May 16, 2007

doggie, day 16

now that she is 98% recovered from the ocky beast, kennel cough, sadie has suddenly become an 8 month old puppy.

she chases dame maggie around the house entirely unafraid of kitty claws. (maggie doesn't mind. in fact, she thinks it's a riot.) she's chasing invisible kitties around the back yard. and yesterday she was dragging her doggie-bed around my bedroom. this morning i discovered the zipper-pull on the doggie-bed is missing. i think she ate the zipper-pull. that can't be good.

the new-found energy is very exciting. i had two screws out of my ankle a week ago today and it seems that sadie and i are on the same 'getting better' curve. by the time she's 100%, i'll be able to take her on walks and to the dog park up the road. ooooh, she will love the dog park.


Sue said...

I love Sadie and Dame Maggie but dispute she is as sweet as my little princess - see her on my blog! She came to live with us as a matted, semi wild stray and has been happily enslaving us ever since.

Anonymous said...

you wait.

while maggie & sadie are happily oblivious, elsinore is plotting something evil.