Wednesday, May 16, 2007

doggie, day 16

now that she is 98% recovered from the ocky beast, kennel cough, sadie has suddenly become an 8 month old puppy.

she chases dame maggie around the house entirely unafraid of kitty claws. (maggie doesn't mind. in fact, she thinks it's a riot.) she's chasing invisible kitties around the back yard. and yesterday she was dragging her doggie-bed around my bedroom. this morning i discovered the zipper-pull on the doggie-bed is missing. i think she ate the zipper-pull. that can't be good.

the new-found energy is very exciting. i had two screws out of my ankle a week ago today and it seems that sadie and i are on the same 'getting better' curve. by the time she's 100%, i'll be able to take her on walks and to the dog park up the road. ooooh, she will love the dog park.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

me, in print

OMIGOD!!!! i am riding on a wave of adrenaline. i just got finished with a phone interview with the editor of the new publication exquisite weddings. the magazine's inaugural edition will feature new mexico destination weddings and she interviewed me for the meat of the article!! me! dig that!

she said she is only interviewing two new mexico wedding coordinators and that she chose me as one of them because my business appeals to her high-end demographic and because my website has that 'wow-factor' her subscribers will be looking for.

we spent an hour talking about new mexico venues and traditions and music and food. let me tell you, as much as i love this state, i could have talked with her for hours. she said my input to the article is 'invaluable.'

too much fun! i could do this every single day.

and now i get to go spend the afternoon with anna at tea and shopping. what a super-great day!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


tomorrow i have surgery to remove two of the six screws from my franken-ankle. unfortunately, it is only local anesthetic and a sedative. when i saw the doctor two weeks ago, he let me know that the screws are coming out of soft-tissue as well as bone, ergo i will still be able to feel the procedure. what?! no no no. poop! i'll let ya'll know what it feels like.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

doggie, day 6

first things first: unnamed doggie has been divined the name 'sadie.' she looks like a sadie and it's got the beatles seal of approval, as it were. so... ladles and jellyspoons, i give you sadie:

sadie has mastered 'sit.' but for some reason the concept that you potty outside seems to have gone right over her head. thankfully, i own rugs, not carpeting. as soon as this 'wicked-cute' (thanks, scott) baby has mastered potty-training, the rugs go to the rug-cleaner for a serious disinfecting.

things are still pretty quiet around here, sadie-wise. she barked once yesterday. just once. 'bark.' that was it. but the bark came when someone passed too close to the house, which is encouraging. i love my neighborhood, but in recent months there has been a good deal of violent crime 4 blocks this way or 5 blocks that way. good to know that sadie is beginning to feel territorial.

unfortunately, she has developed a pretty ocky case of kennel cough. this morning, she won't come inside. it's cooler outside, maybe that's why. i can't get her to eat, which is tremendously inconvenient as i've been stashing her antibiotics in her food. it's heart-breaking to see such a joyful dog under the weather.

on the upside, her lethargy is giving the cats an opportunity to approach the baby-dog without her giving chase. this has resulted in the re-appearance of dame maggie which is wonderful because i've missed her something fierce these past number of days.

so, yeah... the clark family zoo is calming down and almost ready for visitors.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

doggie, day 1


picked up unnamed doggie from ahanm.

went crazy at petsmart. bought a kong - which unnamed doggie won't play with. and a fuzzy toy - which unnamed doggie also won't play with.

came home and rested.

packed up in car and went off to tech rehearsal for the tempest. unnamed doggie has been so sweet with me that i knew she'd be okay with the kids. i did worry that the "lightening" and "thunder" might freak her out. much to my elation, unnamed doggie layed quietly at my feet stage left - while i did some preliminary stage managing - and watched the play with fascination and intent. not a word.

come to think of it... not a word, period. no sound out of unnamed doggie. nothing.

the cats are not amused. elsinore didn't think we needed a cat; she definitely thinks we don't need a dog. dame maggie is put off by all the fuss and is wedged under my bed. unnamed doggie is scared to death of elsinore. seems that you can be the alpha bitch even if you're not a dog.

everyone settled in to sleep around 11pm watching a fairly interesting american experience on the mormons - elsinore on my head on the pillow, unnamed doggie next to the bed and maggie sacked out under the bed with an eye on unnamed doggie.