Sunday, March 11, 2007

spring break, indeed.

it was a gorgeous day today. sunshine and sixty-something degrees. i had a bowl of cereal on the front porch and basked in the morning sun. i was excited to prune back my front yard to prepare for the new growth that is beginning to appear.

i was feeling optimistic enough to begin cleaning house. i got the kitchen mostly clean and on the way out the front door to trash some stale cereal, i lost my footing house and... wait for it... broke my ankle. I BROKE MY FREAKING ANKLE!!!

the only bone i've ever broken in my life was my cheekbone. no cast needed. no crutches. no real inconvenience other than a black and blue face. a broken ankle? quite the opposite. crutches suck baboon ass. you can't carry anything. you aren't stable enough to stand to do anything. you can't vacuum, you can't sweep. i'm not enjoying this. and i'm in pain.

and the best part? the very best part? i leave a week from tomorrow for a much needed vacation. in hawaii. hawaii with a cast. freaking hawaii with a cast!! i'm so bummed i can't even find the words. ugh.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there in the same situation and it does suck although I am not going on any vacation to Hawaii,so sorry though thats a real bummer.Anyway I took a bad fall skiing and broke 2 bones and now stuck in this stupid uncomfortable cast and crutches as I am sure you know how much those suck!Anyway where are you from,my name is David from N.Y,feel free to email me and vent,