Tuesday, March 27, 2007

outside/inside *warning: ocky picture below*

last week i had my first post-op appointment. it was the first time i saw the incision from the surgery. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!! i had no idea that they would cut open a 7" incision! and i have 12 staples. and they hurt! i have to admit i nearly passed out when they unwrapped the ankle. dad, in his infinite desire for knowledge and pictoral evidence, brought his camera. dig it:

so... why did they cut such a big hole? to put in a plate, four small permanent screws (three in red circle) and two ginormous removable screws (one in the blue circle and one out of the picture just above the first).

in 6 weeks they will cut me open again to take out the ginormous screws. lucky me.


nik said...

dude, i gotta side with dad on this one.

it's like the surgery channel!

watch out for el boxo de stuffos. we sent it on tuesday afternoon.

do you think you could sue the manufacturers of chex for this?

beth said...

Wow! That explains why you haven't been to Stitch-n-Bitch lately. Hope you are feeling better.