Sunday, March 18, 2007

god speed

in a bizarre and truly unfortunate turn of events, my 28 year old cousin died yesterday in her sleep - the coroner's inquest is pending - at my aunt and uncle's house in lubbock, texas. she was deeply deeply troubled and had been from birth. she leaves behind two beautiful boys who were already being raised by her parents - i wrote briefly about one of them on an older blog.

because our trip to hawaii had to be cancelled, my mom is able to spend this traumatic time with her baby brother. for that, i am happy to have broken myself.


MarcAnthony said...

Hey, I love reading your blogs. Hope you don't mind. Sorry about the leg. That's really gotta suck. I totally feel your pain having had my left knee reconstructed from a skiing accident in Oregon during the holiday season.

How long will you be off your feet?



MarcAnthony said...


nik said...

boobus, i'm so sorry.

i love you.