Monday, March 10, 2008

i finished a project. oh yes i did!

craftwise, 2006 was knitting, 2007 was artist trading cards and i've decided 2008 will be sewing. i finished my beautiful boyfriend's quilt for valentine's (see below) and i began a patchwork quilt last month. ginormous projects intimidate me and wear me out without occasional breaks for other projects.

lately i've been wanting a wee bag that i can keep my cell phone, wallet and palm pilot in so that when i change bags i don't have to go hunting for stuff. (oh, and it would be a wonderfully consistent place to put all these things so as not to lose them, as i only occasionally do.)

okay, so... in my effort to be more jody-esque, i have actually completed one of her wristlets. and i love it! it only took a couple of hours and i learned a buncha new techniques. so, here's to jody! and here's to me! woot!!

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