Tuesday, February 19, 2008

happy new year!

i'm a bit late on the new year well-wishes. 2007 was a &#*@! year - buy me a cocktail and i'll tell you all about it. anyway, it took january to take stock and make sure i was still in one piece psychologically, socially and professionally. shock and awe... i'm better than ever!

when the new year rolled around i thought i would have to 'close up shop' on my business. but in the first six weeks of the year, i scored two ginormous nonprofit fundraising contracts and five wedding contracts. this will be the first year i will actually be able to make a living from my business. fantastic!!

valentine's was amazing. i actually completed a project. i made a quilt for my beautiful boyfriend:

and his mom made a delish red velvet cake for us:

because i secretly want to be jody, i have taken up patchwork quilting. i'm finding the planned randomness of patchwork very liberating.

my best friend has gotten huge with baby - who we lovingly call 'seamus' though that will never be his/her name - and i'm the one who's about to bust from excitement. 'cause i'm gonna be an auntie!!:

all my little pet girls are well. beautiful and happy. here's miss sadie's most recent bath:

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