Monday, December 17, 2007

out with the old (songs) and in with the new

as the year is drawing to a close, i am happy to report that the tides have turned and the bad seems to be waning...

ladles and jellyspoons, i am in love. with a boy. a real boy. a flesh and blood, hair and nails boy. he blows my mind and i never ever thought this could happen. i'm overwhelmed with emotions. and they're all good for a change.

so in honor of what can only be a new chapter in my life, i am clearing my ipod's 'top 25 most played.' bring on new music. bring on new playlists. bring on new favorites. be gone ye woeful songs of yore:

gravity - john mayer
holding back the years - simply red
the air that i breathe - simply red
goodbye yellow brick road - elton john
good morning heartache - sheryl crow
the pirate's bride - sting
volcano - damien rice
a hazy shade of winter - simon & garfunkel
i can't stand the rain - the commitments
murder by numbers - the police
dream on - aerosmith
standing - anthony stewart head
ain't no sunshine - bill withers
what happens when the heart just stops - the frames
how can you mend a broken heart - al green
god bless the child - billie holiday
kathleen - josh ritter

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