Wednesday, April 25, 2007

brain spew

okay, so... typically the songs playing in my head are whatever i've most recently heard on the radio or a hook from a catchy commercial.

but for the past coupla weeks my earworms have been sondheim. not nice lyrical musicals like 'sound of music' or 'grease.' nope. stephen sondheim. complex music. symbolic lyrics. obsessive characters. always obsessive characters.

and i'm wandering around the house humming:

he's a very smart prince
he's a prince who prepares
knowing this time i'd run from him
he spread pitch on the stairs
i was caught unawares
and i thought, well, he cares


some say happiness
comes and goes
then this happiness
is a kind of happiness
no one really knows
i'd only heard what love was
i thought it was what kindness became
i thought where there was love there was shame

i sometimes think that what pops out of the subconscious in quiet moments speaks volumes about what is on one's mind. in which case, i'm learning volumes about what may be causing the restlessness i've been suffering the past few weeks.

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