Sunday, September 09, 2007


much has happened since i last posted about the goings-on in my life.

my dad had to send our family dog of 15 years to doggy-heaven. she was an amazing lhasa apso named aiofe and we got her the day i got back from my first trip to ireland. phone calls that involve my dad crying tear me up in a way that nothing else can.

i started a full-time substitute teacher position at freedom high school - albuquerque's 'alternative' high school. the kids are great - there are 188. the staff is great - there are 11 of us. but i'm meant to be teaching government and economics. i am neither knowledgeable about nor interest in either subject, more's the pity for my students. but we muddle through together.

an old friend has re-established contact. (hi, ollie!) it's nice to have him back.

i was made - against my protestations - treasurer of albuquerque theatre guild. for which i am already chairperson of the unity committee.

brian and i started a new theatre-in-the-making workshop - radio booksalive! it's interesting to bring our workshop process to radio theatre.

lizard's first novella and demo cd were released.

my sadie-dog turned one year old. pictures will doubtless follow.

nikki got pregnant. which means... I'M GONNA BE AN AUNTIE!!!

and i've decided to apply for law school. for those of you that want to respond "WTF?!," i've already heard this from a good half a dozen people. trust me, it's not that big a stretch of the imagination. i take the lsat on 29 september. then...

off to hawaii for two weeks. this is the vacation mom, dad and i had planned when i broke my ankle and had to have a metal plate put in. i'm being very cautious about my physical well-being as i don't intend to work myself up to a let-down again.

change is good.

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