Sunday, October 28, 2007

100 things about me

i felt like i needed to change a few items from the list i created in may 2004. call me obsessive-compulsive if you must.

1. i am an only child.
2. ben and jerry's new york super fudge chunk all the way.
3. i entered the lottery for the chance to buy spice girls tickets in 2007.
4. i wish that americans valued proper spelling and grammar.
5. as a child i wanted to be in the air force.
6. and was devastated to discover that the bespectacled cannot fly planes.
7. i own books i have no intention of reading.
8. i adore irises and orchids.
9. i love my best friend, nikki, beyond sanity or reason.
10. i am a great cook.
11. others say i'm "strong and assertive."
12. my cat’s have theatre-inspired names.
13. i thrive on change and spontaneity.
14. i am a sucker for a lost cause.
15. jung is my guru.
16. i've had a handful of really perfect days in my 33 years.
17. i've never been in love.
18. but i've loved someone so much it hurt.
19. hamlet is more than a minor preoccupation.
20. i'm taller than i think i am.
21. performing on stage terrifies me.
22. i do it anyway.
23. i'd rather be dancing than doing just about anything else.
24. i've got curves.
25. i'm getting okay with that.
26. i love shoes.
27. i am the queen of all fag hags.
28. people tend to think they’ve known me longer than they have.
29. my mom and dad did a great job.
30. if i could lighten my skin tone, i would.
31. i have never watched a porn.
32. i believe in past lives.
33. i don’t think i was anyone famous in a past life.
34. i would be a drag queen faster than you can say “honey!”
35. i’m an anglophile.
36. i was engaged but never married.
37. my mom tells me i don’t have a boyfriend because i’m intimidating.
38. i’m uber-touchy-feely.
39. i’m proud of my b.a. in english.
40. i've been told i’m an elitist.
41. this should probably bother me more than it does.
42. i have broken two bones: my cheekbone and my ankle.
43. my dog is named after a beatles song.
44. receiving mail in the mailbox is still a singular joy.
45. i want to be the lead in a stage production of the philadelphia story.
46. …and hedda gabler.
47. …and miss julie.
48. …and hedwig and the angry inch.
49. kissing rocks!
50. i desperately miss the grandfather i didn’t know.
51. i don’t miss the one i did.
52. i have the final episode of quantum leap on video cassette.
53. i love english mystery novels.
54. my birthday often gets forgotten in the chaos of the holiday season.
55. i take things too seriously.
56. i am scared rigid by new social situations.
57. the telephone is my arch nemesis.
58. i don’t know what i will do if nik dies first.
59. i want to be paid to travel.
60. …and write.
61. …and to take photos.
62. i am uncomfortable with compliments.
63. the first time i was called an “earth mother” i was 13 years old.
64. i wish men would see me as a woman instead of a personal therapist.
65. i have wanted to be liz since 1989.
66. i am thoroughly aware that this is not healthy.
67. i cry easily.
68. i prefer drama to comedy.
69. i am a bit paranoid.
70. my #1 pet peeve is the question, “is that your real name?!”
71. my #2 pet peeve is being treated like a “girl.”
72. i was blonde as a child.
73. my inner victorian speaks louder to me than most other influences.
74. i am frightened to death of having my own children.
75. i am never as happy as i am in ireland. with nik.
76. i fantasize about marrying an englishman and living a life of leisure, book-reading and stimulating conversation in an ivy-covered cottage in the middle of an english meadow freckled with idly grazing horses. seriously.
77. i despise liars.
78. i love movies.
79. i am deeply proud of my new mexico heritage.
80. this is a new development.
81. i don’t look in my mind’s eye the way i look in the mirror.
82. i long to own an airstream.
83. honesty has gotten me in trouble more than once.
84. i could eat every meal every day for the rest of my life at eastern tandoori in galway and be completely content.
85. i would shrivel up and die without pg tips tea.
86. i want to be harry potter.
87. i love big words.
88. “fall recklessly in love” is on my life “to do list.”
89. if i was a star trek character, i’d be counselor deanna troi.
90. call me an elitist, but i actually love shakespeare.
91. i would pay infinite amounts of money to see dame judi dench on stage.
92. i am profoundly obsessed with ‘twin peaks.’
93. i have every intention of owning a tea house and b&b with nik one day.
94. i wish i knew what my happiness looks like.
95. blue sky cherry vanilla crème soda will always win out over coca-cola in my fridge.
96. i believe there is profound meaning in dreams.
97. …and synchronicities.
98. i like chivalry.
99. bell peppers make me want to cut my tongue out.
100. ‘do i contradict myself? very well then i contradict myself. i am large. i contain multitudes.’ (thank you, uncle walt.)

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