Saturday, December 02, 2006

oh, the pretty mens

here in albuquerque the sun is shining bright and the highs are in the region of 34 degrees. if that doesn't mess with one's head, nothing will. i have all the extraneous rooms closed off (read: every room except the livingroom and my bedroom) as my home is a testiment to 1950's architectural engineering. this beasty in the livingroom

is meant to warm the entire house - around corners, down halls, two or three doors away. between the temperatures in town and the beasty's inefficiency, there has been a goodly amount of 'hybernating' under the blankets on the couch watching dvds and under the blankets in the bedroom attempting to sleep.

i've watched all my christmas movies and i've moved on to television series that need catching up on. i am on the final dvd of 'lost: season 2.' you know, there is not a single unattractive man on this program. last season i was absolutely enamoured of sawyer. this season, my affection - and, i must say, lust - have turned to locke. i'll be interested to see what next season brings, though i'll wait until the entire series is on dvd to find out.

(p.s. i will hang, draw and quarter any soul who attempts to spoil a single second of season three for me.)

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