Tuesday, November 21, 2006

tra la la!

i've been remiss in not posting a big fat 'thank you' to my secret pal.

i was at a conference last week and didn't return home until wednesday afternoon. while i was gone, my parents had moved into my house because my mom was scheduled for a handful of major surgeries. the tuesday i was gone she went under the knife and the day i got back from conference, dad and i began running around taking care of mom and other business. and we've only now slowed down.

when we finally came home wednesday night to sleep, i discovered that a box had arrived in my absence. oh, the joy! a box to open! something to enjoy in the midst of chaos! fun fun fun!! included in the box were:

1. lovely lovely pirouline-esque, dark chocolate filled and dipped 'nestle's crunch' deliciousness. (not pictured as i gobbled it up immediately.)

2. flying star farms plum chopotle jelly. i can't wait to try this on chicken or pork chops. num num num!

3. the cutest vintage kellog's note card set. it'll be fun to send friends written notes - mostly because, who expects to find a letter in the mailbox these days?

4. a rocking ikea ice tray that makes cubes to fit in water bottles. let's see... i live in the desert and i have two high-energy jobs, what do i need? cold bottled water!! oh, yeah!

5. two balls of black cotton yarn and two skeins of white tencel wool yarn. nice light yarns for use in the - everybody now - desert!

thanks so much sp9. i needed a pick me up and you certainly filled the bill. i hope you receive(d) extraordinary goodies from your sp9 in the spirit of good karma!!

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